The first online games

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The first online games

Post by Lane22 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 5:07 pm

The first online game came in 1991, when there was not even broadband. It was a game of chess adapted by Apple. With the advent of broadband, around 1997, the subject became much more serious. The high-speed, public-friendly connection coupled with the evolution of servers has created a strong community around online gaming. It was at this time that Quake, one of the most famous games among fans, appeared.

With the technological advances of the consoles and the speed of connection in the Internet, the games are more and more realistic. Enjoy the generation of Atari to the younger generation touch screen. The most famous consoles nowadays are the Playstation and the Xbox, all come with wifi, which makes it possible to connect to the internet and play online :!: :!: